DCC in an impressive technology. And like many technologies, there is lots of new features and terminology to understand. At DCC by Design, we strive for simple explanations tailored to your givens and druthers. To help you start the process of understanding DCC and how it meets your specific needs, we have developed these free articles on starter systems, mobile decoders, turnout control, and the basics of powering a layout with DCC. In addition we providing buying recommendations.


Article 1 - Early Decisions & Selecting a Starter Set

Article 2 - Guide to  Mobile Decoders

Article 3 - Selecting  Stationary Decoders

Article 4 - Basics of Powering Layout

Article 5 - Making a Test Layout

Article 6 - DCC systems for Kids


Below are my recommendations for products from DCC Manufacturers. Within each manufacturers' offerings some items represent better values than others. These are my lists of recommendations.

Digitrax Recommendations

NCE Recommendations


Getting Started in DCC

Presented at Troop 964 Boy Scout Show - 17 March 2010

Overview of DCC Starter Systems including explaination of terminology, key features, and recommendations.

Original Presentation - Getting Started in DCC

Overview of JMRI (Java Model Railroad Interface)

Presented to Prince William Model Railroad Club (PWMRC) - 28 Jan. 2014.

This presentation gives an overview of the JMRI software including Decoder Pro, Decoder Pro 3, Panel Pro, Operations, and Loco Net Tools.

Original Presentation - Overview of JMRI

Programming with JMRI Decoder Pro

Presented to Prince William Model Railroad Club (PWMRC) - 17 Feb. 2009

JMRI software includes the Decoder Pro software to program locomotives and save their settings. This clinic provides an overview of the features of Decoder Pro, followed by a demonstration of using Decoder Pro.

Original Presentation - Programming Mobile Decoders with JMRI Decoder Pro

Programming Speed Tables using JMRI

Presented at NMRA Potomac Div. Minicon - 17 April 2010

This clinic provides a detailed explanation of how to use JMRI Decoder Pro to configure locomotives for scale speed operation. The clinic included a demonstration of the process. 

Original Presentation - "Don't get caught speeding - Using JMRI DecoderPro to set speed tables"

Excel Spreadsheet - "Recommended Speed Table CVs Calculator"

Speed Matching Multiple Locomotives
by Keith A - originally on Yahoo Groups

This website provides a great tutorial on speed matching locomotives using JMRI Decoder Pro. This is the procedure we use, hence its inclusion on this page althoug we did not develop it.

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