The Modern Style JMRI panel is inspired by research into the prototype systems in use for the past 15 to 20 years. This example of the Modern Style JMRI Panel controls turnouts, by clicking on the route to be used. The route selected then shows in white. Track occpuancy is show as yellow track. Signals on the layout are not shown on the panel but can be controlled. .

Below is a video showing the panel in operation.

This is an example of one of our Modern style JMRI control panels in operation. It shows both occupancy detection (yellow) and turnout control / route selection (white). This example shows two trains traveling in opposite directions on a single track line with passing sidings and all the necessary moves for the meet to occur. Each end is a connected staging yard which is why the train appears in both at once.

This panel provides:

  • Turnout Control
  • Turnout Feedback
  • Block Occupancy
  • Signal Control
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