One of our most innovative projects was the automation of the Ro-Ro Train Elevator through JMRI and DCC system. This is a kit which we have built several units called the Ro-Ro Remote. The Ro-Ro Remote Kit, lets you convert your Ro-Ro Train Elevator into a complete staging solution! Developed to permit hidden installation and operation of the Ro-Ro Train Elevator, the Ro-Ro Remote Kit provides significant features beyond the typical install.  This kit provides many options for improving control of your elevator from providing a remote display of the current shelf section to a fully automated ready for inclusion in your computer based dispatching (see video below).

Another excellent option is the ability to remotely shut down the opposite end of the shelf from the train’s entrance. This prevents the possibility of a train overshooting the end of the shelf. When it is time to restage the layout, the “dead track” can be repowered and the train moved off either end.

Not familiar with the Ro-Ro Train Elevator? Click here to learn more about the Ro-Ro Train Elevator, a DCC by Design recommended product or visit the Vendor/Manufacturer's web site.

The first video shows the Ro-Ro Train Elevator in manual operation, but with feedback through the DCC system and LED indication of the shelf selected. 


The next Video show the JMRI panel for remote operation of the Ro-Ro Train Elevator. 

While your layout may not need a Ro-Ro Train Elevator, we believe this project is an excellent demonstration of the broad capabilities that can be achieved for remote operation and automation with DCC. 

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